Check out photos and captions below to see what I’ve been up to lately.

Lately, I’ve been working to find balance once again and now that it feels like summer is here – I’m finding it a lot easier to do so. I’m enjoying a nice balance of work and play and doing things I enjoy – riding my bike, exercising, eating raw fruits and vegetables. In the past week, I’ve painted a few things and also I’ve been planting some things [see some photos below].

Raw Food
Fruit has been quite plentiful around here so I’ve been eating lots of melons – honeydews, watermelons, cantaloupes & more – probably more than I’ve had my whole life in just this year – which feels great. My favorite meal is watermelon with lemon juice squeezed over it – hydrating and so good. My diet has been around 90% to 95% raw lately, which is what I’ve been working on getting up to for the past 4 to 5 years now, although it’s always so much easier in the summer. Been juicing almost every day as well – apples, cucumbers, ginger, lemon and celery and sometimes carrots thrown in. Just goes to show that persistence and goal setting will eventually pay off – you just have to be patient.

Painting Goals
Speaking of goals, my next one is to set a number of paintings to do each week. So, depending on my schedule, I can paint from 2 to 6 paintings a week or so. But every week will be different and I will attempt to write a blog post as well recapping my week and how things went. Unfortunately, next week I will be in Cleveland from Monday to Friday for my work, so I’ll only have the weekend to do some painting – which may amount to zero depending upon how I’m feeling.

Hope you are doing well. Be patient, keep on painting & don’t give up. Peace.

brandon schaefer granny smith apple still life painting

Granny smith apple painting

basil plant on deck

Basil plant I recently bought – I’ve never grown basil until now

brandon schaefer acrylic panel paintings from life

Recent paintings I’ve done – all from life or on location – 6″x 8″


Growing wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is growing

cat enjoying the fresh air and summer heat

Kitty enjoying the fresh air and summer heat

kitty stays close

I keep her close though via leash & harness

damaged aloe vera plant in cactus mix

My damaged aloe vera plant at the moment – hoping I can get it to keep growing and regenerate

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