Be sure to check out the photos below to see what I’ve been up to lately.

Southern Cali Trip
For most of last week I was in the LA area for work but I did end up getting a little play in. I went to Disneyland for the first evening, which was pretty cool. All the other days after that, it was a lot of working mixed with driving. We were down in LA to give two demonstrations of the JACO robotic arm to two separate individuals. Check out if you would like to know more about what we do and how we help those in need of these technologies. We also have a facebook page and other social media sites, so I suggest checking those out as well.

Personal Happenings
So, other than working I’ve been trying to keep up with everything else going on in life. I took Kitty to the vet recently and found out that she most likely has some kind of digestive inflammation which if left untreated could turn into disease or cancer of some kind. Luckily, I know quite a bit about healing and I am putting her on a raw meat diet [and raw goat’s milk] which should have her healed up in no time.

I’m finally starting to write my book which I’ve been talking about for over a year now. Over the last year I came up with so many different outlines and different ways to write this book but I now feel that I’ve come to the best way that I wish to approach it. More on that later, since it is in the early stages and I don’t want to give too much away at the moment.

I’ve really been slacking on getting some paintings done – with work dominating my schedule and then all of my other passions & work [Craftsy, my book, health, plants, bike rides, yoga, tiny house research] – it sometimes becomes quite difficult to juggle or balance these tasks. Maybe I should eliminate something but I’m just not at that point yet. Luckily, this weekend I am home and free to do what I wish – so painting should be on the agenda! And also a bike ride of course.

Alrighty, I won’t say much more – I shall let the pictures below speak for themselves, enjoy! 🙂

PS: Here’s a nice little post about the town I live in, check it out: Why Davis, CA is the Quirkest City You Will Ever Know


Kitty’s raw food & raw goat’s milk


My basil plants flowering – time to prune and eat


On the road to Southern Cali


Some orchards – on the way to LA


Hills & mountains in LA


More hills in LA


This little guy looks scary on top of my pepper plants


Basil plant currently


My rosemary plant


Pepper plant growing like crazy


Some herbal formulas & tinctures I’m taking alongside my raw food diet for healing


Golden honeydew was quite good – I can eat one of these whole melons for a small meal


Berry smoothie – this is about two-thirds of a meal – 32oz jar


I juiced all of this – made a little more than 64oz of juice. A good sized meal

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