September Plein Air Paintings

This pine tree caught my attention in the early afternoon while riding my bike on the Greenbelt trail in north Davis, CA. I decided to capture the light and tree as best I could.

This painting was completed on the side of a bike trail near the North Davis Farms. This scene was in the evening and I was losing light as I was finishing this and the geese made it quite a challenge to capture but it was fun painting living animals for the first time from life.

I’m Afraid to Paint

I’ve had many artists over the last few years of my time on YouTube contact me with questions and concerns regarding fear and painting. Most of them were fearful to even begin a painting at all. They would tell me that the blank canvas was intimidating and they were afraid of not creating a great painting, so instead of giving it a go – they never started. This type of fear and level of perfectionism can be quite damaging to your art career or journey. I’d like to give you a few tips to help you overcome this fear so you can start creating and progressing with your art.
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Overcoming Challenges in a Tiny Apartment Studio

Since September 2013, I have been living in a 420 square-foot apartment [with a loft] with my girlfriend. As you can imagine, this has been quite challenging for me to create paintings, store all my materials in roughly a 7×7 foot corner of the living space, and still not encroach upon my girlfriend’s space or the rest of the living area. And if that isn’t bad enough, the only windows available to me are the glass front doors which are South-facing, a.k.a. the worst possible scenario when living in the Northern hemisphere. I thought I’d have to paint miniature paintings my whole life while living here but I’ve been painting as large as 24″ x 36″ recently.
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How I Package and Ship Small Paintings


For the past few years now I’ve been selling small paintings on Etsy and shipping them out myself and I’ve had to figure out the best way to pack them safely so they don’t arrive damaged in any way. I use the USPS free flat rate boxes – usually the Medium size – as these allow for extra room around the painting for padding, in case the box gets stepped on or dropped the painting won’t be touched.
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My Recent Trip to Laguna Art Museum

laguna beach brandon schaefer heisler park

I spent two full days in the Laguna Beach area recently to visit with family and I was also able to visit the Irvine Museum as well as the Laguna Art Museum and do some exploring around Heisler Park in Laguna Beach.  Spending a good part of one day at the beach, I was able to explore the details of the shore and study the nuances of the ocean, waves and reflections as the day went on. My appreciation for the ocean and rocky shores grew very much on this trip as well as inspiration and ideas for future paintings.
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