Recommended Books

These are some of the art and painting books that I have acquired over the last few years that have been a great help in furthering my knowledge of painting. Every time I go back and read through any of these, I feel I have a greater understanding of painting.

Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting

My all-time favorite book for painting landscapes. A must have and luckily it’s an affordable book. Some photographs [black & white] with tons of information to help you improve your landscapes. I’ve read most of the chapters multiple times and I find something new and helpful every time I read it.

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Fill Your Oil Paintings With Light & Color

One of the first books I bought when I first started painting. Ironically, at the time I was using acrylics but this helped me see things differently and take different approaches when using acrylics. Great book for learning to paint landscapes.

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Landscape Painting

 Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice.

A solid book for learning to paint landscapes. Lots of images for inspiration from many artists. Covers a wide variety of topics: color, composition, values, etc.

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Composition of Outdoor Painting

Classic book for composition and landscapes. But it’s also much more than that. Edgar Payne goes in depth about being an artist, what it takes and the mindset needed to become a successful artist.

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Daily Painting

Paint Small and Often to Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist

Great book for painting small still lifes in your own little studio. Many images for inspiration. It takes you through the process of painting a still life, gives many tips and talks about becoming successful.

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Mastering Composition

Techniques and Principles to Dramatically Improve Your Painting

One of the best books I’ve read on composition. Covers all kinds of topics: color, lines, edges, values, etc. dealing with composition. Mine also came with a CD in the back cover that covers a lot of what the book discusses, just in video format. Very helpful.

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Sorolla: The Masterworks

One of my favorites. This one goes through much of Sorolla’s life, career, and travels as an artist. The story is broken up with many great images of Sorolla’s work, which is quite inspiring. A must have if you like Sorolla’s paintings.

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Frederic Church and the Landscape Oil Sketch

A great little book on some of Frederic Church’s paintings.

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Anders Zorn

Sweden’s Master Painter

Many inspiring images of Zorn’s work.

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A Guide to Expressive Brushwork for Oil Painting

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Direct From Nature

The Oil Sketches of Thomas Hill

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Any materials purchased through the affiliate links above helps support this website, my YouTube Channel, and my artwork.

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