Recommended Supplies

These are materials that I personally use in my small apartment studio for painting and creating art. I’m just beginning the journey to using the most eco-friendly materials I can find for the health of the environment, myself and those around me.

Paint Tube Wringer

This gives me up to 35% More Paint out of the Tube. Finally, I do not waste paint anymore [or toothpaste!].

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Gamblin Artist's Paint Set

I’ve personally tried a few different brands of high-quality oil paint, and Gamblin is one of my favorites to use.

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I use Gamsol to thin oil paint when needed and to clean my brushes while painting and after a painting session.

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Brush Cleaning Tank

I put Gamsol in this cleaning tank and the coil inside helps clean the brushes off.

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Canvas Panels - 6" x 8"

Some cheap canvas panels when I need them. Good for studies and saving money.

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I just recently tried out this painting medium and I actually love it. Helps with the viscosity of the paint, makes it flow. Good for glazing if needed.

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I mainly use this for painting still lifes or when I go plein air painting. Helps to simplify what I’m seeing and also isolate colors.

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Brush Cleaner & Preserver

This stuff is awesome. Works amazingly. Best brush cleaner I’ve ever used.

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Any materials purchased through the affiliate links above helps support this website, my YouTube Channel, and my artwork.

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