jars bottles daily painting brandon schaefer

6 x 6

It’s been about 2 weeks now of painting daily and it has taught me so many things, not only about painting but about my life too. There is so much time in the day I never knew I had. Some days I’m able to do 2 paintings in one day and still get everything else done that I need to. My discipline has grown. I could go on for a while.. but I’ll stop there.

Maple Syrup & Mixed Nuts

schaeferart maple syrup mixed nuts painting

5 x 7

I finally decided to do a still life with subtle, neutral colors. There are times when I actually try to reserve my color as much as possible no matter what colors are in front of me. I feel fully saturated colors can sometimes make a scene look fake, so I try to stay away from that when possible. Let’s hope I can keep finding interesting things in my pantry to paint.

4 Fruit

pineapple fruit daily painting

5 x 7

I’ve had a strong craving for pineapple lately so I bought 4 at the store the other day. Figured why not paint one of them since the other fruits are always in abundance in my kitchen and I could paint them any day. I got Edgar Payne’s book “Composition of Outdoor Painting” for my birthday and it is making me want to paint some landscapes again. I feel I shall when the opportunity is there. Stay tuned for more.
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Cat Toys & Bottles

schaefer art brandon cat toys bottles

6 x 8

I was drawn to these objects for the contrast between the hard edges of the bottles and softness of the cat toys. Honestly, I had originally left out the blue bottle and was going to play around with the neutral tones of the whole scene but of course I couldn’t stay away from color. Hope you enjoy it.
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Blue & Orange

orange and blue brandon schaefer daily acrylic paintings

6 x 8

When I was painting this one, or setting up the still life, I thought it was interesting that such a small amount of red-orange could balance out a large portion of blue. Imagine if the colors were reversed.. I’m not sure that the blue would stand a chance. It is quite fun playing around with these colors and transparent objects. I do my best to accept the challenges head on and not be afraid to put a glass bottle or some transparent object in there. It seems it is these objects that bring out the life in the painting, at least for me.
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