SchaeferArt on Patreon

It’s time for me to take my channel to the next level, and Patreon is something that will help me reach that level. My goals for this Patreon are to bring exclusive content like Drawing & Painting Lesson videos & create a dialogue with my patrons to bring them the content they want to see. It allows me to give back to my supporters in a more structured and efficient manner.

When you become a Patron, you have potential access to things like:

  • Reference Photos taken by Me
  • W.I.P. Photos of art I’m working on
  • Exclusive Drawing & Painting Real-Time Lessons
  • Other Exclusive Video Series I have planned – Plein Air Adventures Season #02 – Color Theory – Productivity – Etc.
  • Patron-Only Polls for Video Suggestions
  • + More

Long-Term Goals

Patreon will allow me to:

  • Increase the quality of my equipment & videos
  • Create entertaining Plein Air Adventure Videos while traveling to beautiful locations throughout California and eventually the United States [and maybe even the world!].
  • Meet-up with other artists throughout the U.S. and capture their stories through in-depth interviews & showcase their art to a wider audience.
  • Randomly select 1 patron from anywhere in the world & bring them to California [or anywhere we decide to travel] to do a series of fun Plein Air Adventure Videos and explore museums, galleries and the art culture.
  • Create Mini-Documentaries on Art & Nature – visit historic locations in the art world like Zorn’s House, Fechin’s House, etc..

These are just some ideas of things I’d like to bring to my channel, as I feel entertainment in the art world is lacking at this time.

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