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Apple & Citrus

brandon schaefer apple lemons orange

5 x 7

Mug & Apple

mug apple painting brandon schaefer acrylic

5 x 7

Starting to adapt to these darker backgrounds and beginning to understand how to make them work with the rest of the scene. It can usually be quite tricky to use an even number of objects in a scene [or so we are told] but I feel this one works. Must be the colors of the apple acting as the main focal point but then the height of the cup draws some secondary attention, so there’s some sort of tension in a sense – or I’ve just been looking at it too long. I think it is good to understand why some subjects or setups work or don’t work.

Glass On Dark

glass on dark brandon schaefer acrylic daily paintings

5 x 7

I’m actually surprised with how this one turned out because honestly the entire time I wasn’t confident at all. It mainly looked like a big blob of paint for most of the painting. I found it quite hard to simplify the subtle values and it took some time and testing to get it figured out but I am happy with how it turned out. Glass on a white backdrop has been much easier for me to figure out than on a darker backdrop.

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I've been drawing since I can remember and I started painting with acrylics in October 2011. I paint mostly from life and usually every day objects when I'm not painting outside. I attempt to capture the beauty within these objects and scenes.

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