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Break the Silence

"Break the Silence" | Brandon Schaefer

6 x 6

Did this one over the weekend. It felt good to get back on the canvas and paint something, I’ll try to keep the flow going and do a few each week. The weather is getting better and I’m craving to do some landscapes but my nose is stuffy with allergies at the moment, so it may be a few days before I can survive outside haha

Tangelo with Bowl

Tangelo with Bowl | Brandon Schaefer

6 x 6

Tulip Study

Tulip Study | Brandon Schaefer

6 x 6

Flowers tend to give me a hard time for some reason. Although, I do like aspects of this one but there’s always something about it.. maybe the lack of darker values that I’m not used to but when I was looking at it – there weren’t any darker values and I feel it would destroy the flower – although the background could be darker? I’m still working on subtle value changes and becoming more sensitive to those. Hope you enjoy it, either way.

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I've been drawing since I can remember and I started painting with acrylics in October 2011. I paint mostly from life and usually every day objects when I'm not painting outside. I attempt to capture the beauty within these objects and scenes.

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